Top 10 Cat Cafes to Have a Date at

Today we are going to tell you about the best cat cafes around the world. You can find these places comfortable while spending time in the company of cats. You can “rent” a cat for the evening throughout Europe, Asia, and Russia. A new kind of recreation is rapidly gaining popularity and is especially loved by those who are tired of standard establishments.

In addition to the opportunity to drink a cup of coffee, chat, or play a board game, cat cafes give you the opportunity to feel completely at home and chat with fluffy smoothies. Such establishments have a good purpose: to help animals find love, care, and sometimes their own home. They have a number of clear rules that will have to be followed. Cats must feel comfortable with you, and you should have the warmest and fluffy impressions.

Coming here, you pay for the opportunity to spend time with cats. The pay is usually hourly. By the way, such cafes are no more expensive than ordinary cafes. The reasons for craving for a cat may be different. Maybe your cohabitants are allergic to animals, or you often travel and are not able to keep a cat at home.

In any case, this is a place for those who can’t imagine their lives without cat nibbling. Drinking coffee or tea, sitting in the company of your favorite little animals, feels great. Read, relax, work, chat with friends. But you cannot do anything your heart desires with an animal.

Many animals get to the cafe from the street. They have no home and caring owners. Nobody stroked and caressed them. Cat cafe is an opportunity to draw attention to the problem of stray animals. Such establishments can give cats a second chance, save them from all that these cute animals can face on the street. Naturally, before getting into the cat cafes, the animals undergo a medical examination and receive the necessary assistance. They are all healthy.

Top 10 cat cafes around the world

1. Cat Café Neko no Niwa

It is located in Singapore. The main rule: cats only from the street! This is an excellent cafe with a cozy interior. 13 cats are waiting for you. Each of them has own story.

2. Republic of Cats

It is very nice because, in St. Petersburg, a cafe with cats appeared earlier than in some European countries. In the most cultural city of Russia, there are 20 cats, and heavyweight Maine Coons are among them. The place is very popular: you will have to reserve a visit time in advance.

3. Le Café des Chats

The French have turned the standard idea into something new. This is a whole restaurant with a good menu. Although it is impossible to feed an animal from its plate.

4. Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium

Located in London, it has already become a mega-popular place. Reservation should be done a few months before the visit. It costs 5 pounds for 2 hours. It is difficult to get there, but the owners have come up with live broadcasts for those who cannot wait their turn.

5. Temari no Ouchi and Nyafe Melange

Tokyo sets all records because there are more than 40 different cat cafes in the city. Japanese, idolizing cats, do everything sensibly. Many cafes specialize only in pedigreed animals, while others, for example, keep only black cats. Unfortunately, the Japanese rarely manage to keep animals at home, as their apartments are too small.

6. Il Neko Café

The best pussies of Italy live in Turin. The institution is quite new. There are only 7 fluffy cats.

7. Café Neko

It is a Viennese cafe which keeps the hostess Japanese. There are five cute cats, traditional Viennese coffee, and a lot of Japanese desserts.

8. Purr Cat Café Club

This is the most beautiful place in Bangkok. There are 14 cute cats there. The visitors are not only tourists but also locals.

9. La Gatoteca

Madrid can also boast such a venue. 15 playful cats never get bored here. They are busy; they have a lot of toys, rustling bags, boxes, rugs.

10. Godabang Cat Cafe

20 cats of different breeds live in Godabang Cat Cafe. It is believed that the best hot chocolate in South Korea is made in this cafe, so this place should be definitely visited. We also want to remind you that introvert’s guide to dating is worth being read. It is the best convenient way to learn about relationships and dating.